What You Need to Know About a Casting Ceremony

Published: July 11, 2022
by Medina Funeral Home & Cremation Service
cremation services in Humboldt, TN

One reason many families choose cremation services in Humboldt, TN. is because they want their loved one’s ashes to be released back into nature. While some families may choose to have a memorial service and then scatter the ashes afterwards, other families may choose to hold a casting ceremony. If you aren’t familiar with this type of ceremony, keep reading as we explore it further.  

What is a Casting Ceremony? 

A casting ceremony is much like a memorial service except that it is held in the place the remains will be released. This means that the ceremony could be held in a public garden, on a boat, in a local, state, or national park, cremation garden or any other place where it is permitted to scatter ashes.  

What is the Order of Service? 

For most casting ceremonies, the order of servcie is very similar to that of a memorial service. Although this can be customized for each family, it typically includes: 

 - Welcome / Introductions 

 - Readings/ Prayers 

 - Music selection 

 - Reading of the Obituary 

 - Eulogies given 

 - Additional readings and / or music selections 

 - Closing remarks 

 - Casting of the remains 

How Are the Remains Released? 

The remains are typically released at the end of the ceremony. They could be released by just one person such as a family member or the officiant, or by many people including guests. While there are many ways to release ashes including burying them, placing them in water and letting them get carried away, and even raking them into the ground, with a casting ceremony they are normally released into the wind.  

Considerations for a Casting Ceremony  

When planning a casting ceremony, there are some key considerations you should keep in mind. First, it is important to decide who will be acting as the officiant or master of ceremonies. This person may be a family member, close family friend, or another member of the community.  

Second, you will need to decide who will be releasing the remains. Will it be just one person such as the officiant, several family members, or will the guests even be involved? Making sure you have this set is crucial to ensure a smooth and peaceful ending to the ceremony.  

Third, you want to consider the location of the ceremony and the guests’ needs. For example, if the ceremony is in a state park on a hot day, making sure there are things like water and a shaded area are available is important. 

cremation services in Humboldt, TN

And lastly, you want to consider anything you will need for the ceremony such as a microphone, sound system, tables, chairs, umbrellas, tents, etc. What you need will just depend on the location of your ceremony and what the occasion lacks or provides.  

Having a casting ceremony for your loved one can be a beautiful and moving tribute. Watching the remains being carried off by the wind can provide comfort to not only the grieving family, but to all those who attend. 

If you would like to learn more about casting ceremonies or cremation services in Humboldt, TN, feel free to call us or come by anytime as we always welcome you.

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