Grief Support for Losing a Spouse

Published: August 15, 2022
by Medina Funeral Home & Cremation Service
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We have all probably heard of a story where one person of an older couple passes away and not shortly after the spouse also dies. The idea of dying from a broken heart may sound fictional but it is actually a proven phenomenon. Death of a loved one can fill us with such grief and pain that our hearts simply cannot take it. If you have lost a spouse, directors of funeral homes in Medina, TN. want you know to there is support.

Online Support

Many people may want to get the support they need but be hesitant to do so in person. This may be due to the fact they don’t feel up to seeing other people yet, or they feel embarrassed or ashamed they need the help. All of these feelings are normal and luckily with technology, there are several options of getting the support you need online.

Some of the most popular ways you can find online help is with:

Online Groups - There are a number of hospitals, churches, therapists and other companies that provide online support groups. These can be held in with a software such as zoom and are held just as in-person support groups would be. These are wonderful options for those who want a set day and time to meet with others and talk about what they are feeling in a structured online environment.

Facebook Groups - Facebook groups are much more of a casual setting.   There is no set day or time that they meet. Rather it is more like an online forum where you post and interact with the group when you want. This can be a good option for those who have schedules that don’t allow for set groups or those who wish to be able to reach out to others whenever they feel. These Facebook groups can be small with only a few members in them, be very large with thousands of members, or anywhere in between.

Video Therapy Sessions - If you would like to meet with a therapist one-on-one but live too far from them or simply do not want to meet in person, many have video sessions available. These sessions flow the same way as they would if you were in their office, but instead you are in your home. They are held a set time each week and are great for those who would benefit from one-on-one help.

In-Person Support

For those who like the personal interaction that comes from being face-to-face, there are several in-person support options. The most popular include:

- Group Sessions - Grief support groups can be found in many churches, community centers and other locations. You may find general grief support groups as well as those specific for the loss of a spouse. You can search online to find these groups as well as reach out to local organizations, churches, and funeral homes to ask for resources. 

funeral homes in Medina, TN

- One-on-One - One-on-one therapy can be very beneficial to may people. There are grief therapists that are specially trained for this situation. Reaching out and working with one can truly hep you in this difficult time.

After your loved one’s services from funeral homes in Medina, TN., don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help. If you need anything at all we are always here to help and can provide resources you need to help heal. Call us anytime.

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