Guide to Scattering Gardens

Published: August 22, 2022
by Medina Funeral Home & Cremation Service
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After your loved one’s cremation services in Medina, TN. you may be wanting to release the ashes back into nature. Many people choose cremation for this very reason, However, unless your loved one made it clear where they wanted their ashes to be released, it may be difficult deicing the perfect location.  You want a place that is beautiful, peaceful, and legal to scatter ashes. This is why many families choose to cast their loved one’s ashes in a scattering garden.  

What is a Scattering Garden?

A scattering garden is a place where families are welcomed to release their loved one’s remains. These gardens may be part of a bigger complex such as a cremation garden or cemetery or be a place that is all on its own. They are typically decorated with beautiful flowers and you loved one’s ashes provide a natural fertilizer for the flowers and plants making it a lovely tribute for them. You may also find benches and other cozy sitting areas so that you can relax and enjoy moments of reflection.  

How the Ashes are Released

While each scattering garden may have its own rules on how the ashes can be released most allow for the remains to be cast into the air as well as raked into the ground. If families wish to bury the remains, this option my be available but located in another area of the garden.  

Why Families Choose Scattering Gardens

There are several reasons families may chose a scattering garden as their loved one’s final resting place. Many families enjoy the convenience of knowing it is legal and they are not breaking any rules by releasing the ashes there. With many parks and other public areas having very specific rules and regulations when it comes to releasing ashes, a scattering garden can make it easy. 

Other families are comforted by the fact they a scattering garden offers a physical place they can visit when they want to feel close and connected with their loved one..  And since these gardens are so pretty, families have a wonderful, peaceful setting to sit and enjoy some time of remembrance.  

How to Find a Scattering Garden

Finding a scattering garden can be done in a few ways, First, make sure to check with the funeral home or cremation provider you are working with as they may have a garden of their own and if not, can direct to some local ones. 

You can also perform a search online. To find gardens that are near you, simply add the words “near me” after your search terms and the gardens will be listed in order of closest to your location first. 

cremation services in Medina, TN

Final Thoughts

Releasing your loved one’ ashes ack into nature after their cremation services in Medina, TN. is a loving and healing act. Scattering gardens provide a wonderful setting to do this in. Not only that but they offer a place you can visit again and again whenever you wish to feel close to your loved one.  

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