Guide to Stainless Steel Caskets

Published: October 3, 2022
by Medina Funeral Home & Cremation Service
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Deciding on your loved one’s casket is a big decision. When you start to look around, you will notice they are available in many different styles and well as built from various materials. One popular choice is the stainless steel casket. If you are wondering if this would be a good option for you and your loved one, keep reading as directors of funeral homes in Jackson, TN. discuss this choice in more detail to help you decide.  

What is a Stainless Steel Casket? 

Stainless steel is an alloy made of carbon steel and chromium. A stainless steel casket is simple a casket made from this material. Because it is steel, these caskets are very durable and resistant to damage from things like corrosion.  

These caskets are available in a range of pricing as well as quality. The caskets’ gauge count can help you determine its quality as they vary from 16-gauge to 20-gaughe with 20-gauge being the better quality. The higher the gauge count, the more expensive the casket. However, even the higher gauge stainless steel casket can come in lower than some other metal casket options. Overall, stainless steel caskets can range from $800-$1800.  

Stainless Steel Casket Options  

When purchasing your stainless steel casket, there will be some options you will need to decide. These options can include: 

Sealed or Unsealed – Metal caskets are either sealed or unsealed. This will affect how the lid closes. A sealed casket is good if you live in harsh weather conditions as it can help protect the body from things such as flooding and water damage.  

Interior Lining - You will also need to choose the lining for the interior of the casket. Two most popular choices are velvet and crepe. If you are looking to add a more luxurious touch then velvet is a good choice as it is softer, but also comes a t a higher price point than crepe which can also make a wonderful choice.  

Shell Shape - You will need to determine the shape you would like the casket. You may choose rounded corners or square corners, each giving the overall design a different look.  

Color of the Metal- Most people think of stainless steel as only being available in the shiny silver metallic, but it can actually be brushed with a finish to add color and give it a painted effect. Talk with the casket provider for the availability of colors.  

funeral homes in Jackson, TN

Considerations When Selecting a Stainless Steel Casket 

When deciding if you should purchase a stainless steel casket or not, keep a few things in mind. First is your budget. Does the price of this casket fit comfortably within your budget range? Next, consider your loved one’s tastes and style. Is this a casket they would have liked and picked out themselves? Finally, check with the cemetery and ensure this material is allowed as some cemeteries have restrictions one certain styles of materials of caskets.  

If you have further questions or are still unsure if a stainless steel casket if the right choice for you, talk it over with your family as well as the director of the funeral home in Jackson, TN, as they can offer additional information and advice. 

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