Creating a Meaningful Tribute Video

Published: November 7, 2022
by Medina Funeral Home & Cremation Service
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Your loved one’s funeral should be as special and unique as they were. One element that many families may choose to include is to play a tribute video during the service. These videos, also called memorial videos, are a wonderful way to showcase your loved one’s personality and celebrate their life. If you are planning to create a video for your loved one to be played at a funeral home in Medina, TN. here are some tips you can follow to create a meaningful and touching video.

Key Takeaways:

- A tribute video is a wonderful way to showcase your loved one’s personality and celebrate their life.

- To get started, it helps to ask yourself some questions about what you would like to include in the video.

- Things you can include in the video are: photos and videos of your loved one, music, poems or notes written by your loved one, personal videos or images from your loved one's phone, ribbons or awards won by your loved one.

- You have the option of creating the tribute video yourself using software platforms with free or inexpensive options available or hiring someone to create it for you.

Creating Your Loved One’s Video

Your loved one’s tribute video doesn’t have to be very long or over complicated. Typically these videos contain images and/or video of your loved one and their life as well as a background music track. The first step to creating your video is deciding what you would like to showcase about your loved one and their life. To get started, it helps to ask yourself some questions. Things like:

What were they most proud of?

Did they have any favorite photos?

What hobbies did they have?

Did they have any big achievements?

How would they want to be remembered?

Did they have a favorite memory?

What stood out about their personality?

These questions will help provide a focus for the video and give you direction on what should be included.

Customizing the Video for Your Loved One

Now that you have an idea of what you would like to include and express about your loved one and their life, it’s time to gather the content. It is to think outside of the box here and include other things rather than only images of your loved one. Adding in extras will truly make this video unique to your loved one and showcase their life in a personal way.  Other than photos of memories, things you can include are:

Music - Most times when the photos are being displayed, background music will be playing. This is a perfect opportunity to add your loved one’s personality in by playing one of their favorite songs.  

Artistic Creations – Did you love one paint or draw? If so, take pictures of their artwork to include in the photo montages. 

Poems or Notes - If your loved one composed any poems or wrote a funny or meaningful note, add that in. 

Personal Videos or Images - If you can access your loved one’s phone, you might find pictures or videos on there that are appropriate for use.  

Ribbons/Awards - Did your loved one have a display of ribbons or trophies? Snap a pic 

Use Captions - Using a line or two of text on an image can help the guests connect to the moment and the memory of the image  

Content from Others - You can ask family members and close friends to look through their phones and see if they have any videos or photos to share 

funeral home in Medina, TN

Creating the Final Product  

When you are ready to create the video, you have a couple of options. The first one is to create it yourself. This may sound intimidating, but with today’s software, it is much easier than you might think. Also, there are many platforms to choose from many with free or very inexpensive options.  

Another option is to let the director of the funeral home in Medina, TN. create it for you. Many families enjoy this option for the ease and convenience and being able to have one less thing to think about in an already trying time. If you would like more information on how we can help with your tribute video, let us know as we are here to help.

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