A Short Guide to Cremation Gardens

Published: November 14, 2022
by Medina Funeral Home & Cremation Service
cremation services in Medina, TN

When it comes to resting places for the deceased, most everyone is familiar with cemeteries. With ground burials being the most commonly chosen form of body disposition in the past cemeteries can be found just about anywhere. However, with cremation services in Medina, TN. quickly becoming just as commonly chosen as burials, there is a new resting place starting to be seen more and more. These new spaces are called cremation gardens and host a variety of ways for families to place their loved one’s cremains.  

What is a Cremation Garden?

A cremation garden is a designated location that is used to hold the cremains of the deceased. These gardens typically consist of walking paths, water features such as fountains or ponds, landscaping, as well as areas for cremains.  

How Can Families Keep the Cremains?

For families who wish to have options for their loved one’s cremains, a cremation garden can offer several choices. While all cremation gardens may not offer every option, the most common choices include:  

Columbaria - This is a structure that houses induvial niches. In each of these niches is an urn. These structures can be found as part of another building or as an individual structure. Some may be enclosed while others are open to the elements. Your loved one’s remains will be placed in an urn which is then placed on one of the niches. Often times there will be an area or plaque that can be engraved. 

Scattering Garden - If you would like to release your loved one’s remains, you can do so in the scattering garden. This is a specific area where families are welcome to release the ashes. There may be a wall or other memorial where your loved one’s name will be added. This is a nice option if you would like to release the ashes because it gives you a place to be able to come back and visit and feel connected with your loved one. 

Cremation Burial Spaces – These are spaces that allow families to bury cremated remains in a container. Many cremation gardens allow the family to place a marker or headstone at the site as they would with a casket burial. Again, this is a nice option if the family wishes to have a certain space to visit and feel close to their loved one.

Should You Choose a Cremation Garden?

Deciding where to keep your loved one’s cremains is a very personal choice. Cremation gardens may not be the best choice if you would rathe have the cremains close to you. In this case, you may wish to have the cremains in an urn that is kept in your house. 

cremation services in Medina, TN

However, if you are looking for a designed place to keep your loved one’s cremains where you know they will be safe and in a place that you can visit freely, a cremation garden is a viable option.

To learn more about cremation gardens or cremation services in Medina, TN.. give us a call and set up a time to talk with on of our funeral directors one-on-one.

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