Considerations When Choosing a Casket

Published: July 4, 2022
by Medina Funeral Home & Cremation Service
funeral homes in Humboldt, TN

If you are talking with funeral homes in Humboldt, TN. about your loved one’s services, one decision you will need to make is choosing the casket. With caskets being available in various colors, sizes, finishes, and more, this task can feel overwhelming. To help make this process a little easier, here some of the most important things to keep in mind when making this choice. 

Know Your Budget 

Casket prices can vary greatly depending on the features and materials you choose. To help ensure you look a casket options that you feel comfortable with, you need to know your budget beforehand.  

To do this, take some time before your shop and set a firm budget on what you can spend. Then, when you are shopping, make sure you share your budget with the casket provider so that they only show you options within your range. Also, if you feel as if you may get off track ask another family member to join you and help you stay on budget. 

Casket Size 

One important factor to keep in mind is the size of the casket. Most caskets are available in a standard size of 28 inches wide and 84 inches long. This size will fit most typical adults. However, if your loved one was larger or smaller, then you may need a different size. The casket provider can help you choose the appropriate size.  

Material of the Casket 

Caskets can be found in various materials with the two most common being wood and metal. Wood caskets are made from numerous different woods such as mahogany, pine, and oak to name a few. Metal caskets often come in steel, bronze, or copper.  

Each material will have its own set or properties making it more or less durable, and more or less expensive. The material you choose will most likely come down to price and personal taste.  

Special Features / Personalization  

Today there is no lack of ways to personalize your loved one’s casket. While these features can add to the overall price, some families may consider it worth it to provide a truly unique resting place for their loved one.  

Some of the ways you can choose to customize the casket include: 

 - Special features such as rounded corners or decorative embellishments added 

 - Choosing a casket that has special compartments that personal mementos can be added into 

 - Having an image applied to the casket 

 - Having the casket completely covered by an image, pattern, or deign by the use of a vinyl casket wrap 

funeral homes in Humboldt, TN

Final Thoughts 

Choosing your loved one’s casket can feel like an overwhelming task. While there are a lot of options and that can seem daunting, look at it instead as a wonderful way to create a truly perfect resting place for your loved one. And remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Taking someone with you such as a close friend or family member can help you when you need a second opinion.  

If you need more information on caskets or services from funeral homes in Humboldt, TN., give us a call or stop by and let our caring and knowledgeable staff answer any questions you may have.  

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